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09th MAR 2018
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Leisure : Theatre
07/03/2018 to 10/03/2018 DIGGING FOR VICTORY

When sisters Joyce, Beryl and Vera Linnet arrive at Nottís Farm in Kent to join the Womenís Land Army, they hope to find some respite from the danger and chaos of wartime London. But when their fellow Land Girl Mabel goes missing, leaving behind only a series of coded clues, itís clear that all is not as it seems in the sleepy village of Witherington. Led by Joyce, with her insatiable appetite for mystery novels, the sisters vow to dig for the truth. But can they solve the code in time? And as they investigate the inhabitants of Nottís Farm, what secrets of their own will be brought to light?
Watermill Theatre, Bagnor, Newbury RG20 8AE
MORE INFO: Box Office 01635 46044   boxoffice@watermill.org.uk   Event Web Site

In post-War London, the Ministry of Biscuits casts its sinister shadow over every elevenses in the land. Established to 'control biscuits', it prohibits decadent products like Gipsy Creams. But when Cedric, a junior designer, falls in love, he designs a biscuit to shake confectionery to its very foundations, and his world is turned upside down. Inspired by Ealing comedy and Orwell's 1984, this satirical musical comedy by acclaimed author Reeve and playwright and composer Mitchell is revived in a new version. Supported by the Lantern Theatre, Brighton, where it has just completed a highly successful run, the show is touring round the UK. Suitable for all ages from 7 up. Starring Murray Simon, Amy Sutton and Radio 4 regular David Mounfield. Starts 7.30pm.
Swallowfield Parish Hall, Swallowfield Street, Swallowfield, Reading RG7 1QX
MORE INFO: Box Office 07597 637933